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May 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in united states, even though the president released his whole line birth certificate last year. we will have more on this coming up tonight on abc 7 news. and spelling under way at the national harbors. to order 70 kids from around the country are participating in the 85th national spelling bee, including the young this contestant ever. the six-year-old virginian girl. how is she doing so far? >> she was doing pretty good so far. she just set the stage a couple of minutes ago. there is quite a hush throughout the entire crowd. ever had their eyes on her being so young. her word was dirigible. >> dirigible. d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e. [applause] >> you can hear the crowd there. she did get her word right. she is a superstar speller. she has been reading since she was two-years old. she is just a typical six year- old girl who likes to play with her friends and go swimming as well. she is one of a handful of students and spellers who are doing quite well today. there was one speller representing the district. she got her word right this morning. they got nine spellers who got their words righ
May 21, 2012 12:00pm EDT
as for the support. >> to you into the people of the united states, the gratitude of the united -- afghan people, for the support that you have provided over the past decade. >> but the things you did little to calm the chaos sunday night. 45 people were arrested and a few injured as a small group of demonstrators lashed out at police. protesters are now gearing up for round two putting pressure on those that they feel are now being held responsible. >> nato generals need to be held accountable to those serving under them. >> first lady michelle obama was not immune from the protesters either. hundreds demonstrated near the art institute of chicago as she hosted a dinner for the spouses of nato leaders inside. >> also new at noon, a major announcement from the naacp. they have passed a resolution supporting same-sex marriage. this comes two weeks after the president announced he supports the controversial issue. >> that announcement just wrapping up a little while ago. the president of the naacp calling this a civil rights issue of our time. they say that this was not a time to speak out, to mak
May 16, 2012 12:00pm EDT
with the back on my feet program. they have helped homeless people across united states through their program. >> representing washington when she heads to las vegas for the miss usa pageant she says that her squad makes convince her to get into the project. washington says that she loves the lifestyle and loves getting back to the community. >> something that means something to me is giving back to the community being a positive mentor. >> that is in las vegas on friday. we are wishing her all of our best out there. >> that you white is coming here to washington. -- betty white is coming here to washington. she will discuss her career and longtime passion for animals. she will also sign copies of her book. friday, she will have a private tour of the national zoo to see their research efforts. >> all right. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon relationship rules. why do men say that texting is just so difficult these days? >> and later? >> my latest attempt to conquer the game show on television. >> the secret to a longer life? it may be in a textbook. higher education leads to better finances,
May 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
focusing on attacking the united states and coming up with plots to kill u.s. leaders. he called the country, "our desired goal." the letters also wish especially to target airplane's carrying general david petraeus and even president obama. other al-qaeda leaders discussed an immediate strategy for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. >> they will not say what portion this is of the original documents. of course, for security reasons some will remain classified. abc 7. >> thank you. sun and heat starting to make their way in. adam caskey is here with the forecast. >> the clouds are still hanging on in spots. you can see the edge of the clouds and some of the clearing from our rooftop camera in arlington to 69 degrees. fairfax, same story. this sunshine -- a little boy goes a long way this time of year. we will warm up nicely. 69 and fair fairfax inin fairfax and arlington. mid 80's this afternoon and a few thunderstorms expected this afternoon and evening. we'll talk more about that and the cooler weather, coming up. >> see you in a little bit. a college park bouncer arrested for cr
May 15, 2012 12:00pm EDT
have found more than 8 million adults in the united states experienced sleepwalking which is an increase. the study says one possible factor is the use of over-the- counter sleep aids. while sleepwalking is usually harmless, it can do to -- it can cause injuries. believe it or not there may be a pill to keep from getting drunk. researchers at yale university says there is a drug in development that could block the effects of excessive drinking in the central nervous system. researchers are hoping the drug could be helpful in treating alcoholism. the drug is many years away. >> coming up next, lawmakers in virginia blocker prosecutor from becoming a judge and see why the move has become controversial. >> later on -- these folks will phobias later [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big ubub card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. tha
May 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the individuals charged with the security of the president of the united states. >> four of the terminated secret service members are now fighting, arguing that they are being made scapegoats for behavior they claim has existed for years. >> the congressional committee has already found individual cases of misconduct over the past five years, including sexually explicit e-mail some government computers and inappropriate relationships. the secret service is already added a band on foreign nationals in hotel rooms and is changing its alcohol policy -- has already banned foreign nationals in hotel rooms. >> sulaimon brown is calling on mayor gray to resign after his former campaign aide aid -- campaign aide pleaded guilty to destroying evidence during a 2010 campaign rate. he has said he was paid to make negative comments about then mayor adrian fenty. mayor gray has denied the allegations did a massive fire destroyed an abandoned home in and around the county. it started early this morning in pasadena. crews say the home was covered in raging flames when they arrived. it took time to distinguish th
May 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
for your iphone or android. much of different weather situation in the southeastern united states, thanks to tropical storm beryl. it has weakened significantly but still raining on the people in parts of florida and georgia. dumping heavy rain and knocking out power to thousands. and the storm not going anywhere fast at least for now. jummy olabanji has been tracking this and has more. >> as of this morning, beryl had dropped more than 3 inches of rain across northern florida. several flights have been canceled or delayed, thousands without power, and memorial day events have been suspended. >> sweeping ashore over night, a tropical storm beryl lashed the coast of north florida and georgia with winds and heavy rain. the powerful storm -- storm downed trees and snapped power lines. more than 50,000 homes are without power. >> i am encouraging all area residents to stay indoors and off the streets as the storm hits. >> as the storm intensified jacksonville and surrounding counties declared states of emergency, shutting down bridges and canceling memorial day events and shutting down beache
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7